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Avigbs offers an exclusive staffing solutions for clients.

Avigbs provides an comprehensive domestic recruitment solutions.  

Avigbs specializes in providing all international recruitment solutions.

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How We Work

  • Client Consultation

    Understand the client's staffing needs and job requirements.

  • Job Posting

    Advertise the job openings through channels to attract potential candidates.

  • Candidate Sourcing

    Utilize databases, networks, and recruitment tools to identify suitable candidates.

  • Screening and Interviewing

    Evaluate candidates through initial screenings and interviews.

  • Candidate Shortlisting

    Present the client with a shortlist of the best candidates.

  • Placement and Onboarding

    Assist in final selection, offer negotiation, and onboarding.

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  • Our Vision

  • Our Mission is to become the most preferred and trusted recruitment vendor for all the Industries worldwide.

  • Our Vision is to design, experiment and implement and innovative working model for the recruitment



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